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3 Creative Eco-Friendly Art Projects Using Cardboard Boxes

Green living is about more than just recycling and turning out the lights. Embracing a sustainable lifestyle is also an opportunity for creativity. There are so many things that don’t need to be thrown away when you can repurpose them for fun and cost-saving eco-friendly art projects.

1. Homemade Totes and Cube Storage

To make a cube storage container that’ll look great anywhere in your apartment, wrap cardboard boxes in contact paper or spare fabric, then staple it all together. You can also add a strap along the top using an old ribbon or handbag handle and your cardboard organizer becomes a stylish tote bag to use for grocery shopping and more.

2. Decorative Dresser Organizers

Cut your cardboard boxes into shallow trays and line them with decorative paper. This transforms simple boxes into handy dresser organizers. Use them to hold jewelry or corral your favorite eco-friendly cosmetics on top of your dresser, or use them to organize socks and undergarments inside your dresser drawers.

3. Cardboard Lanterns

Last but not least, don’t forget that cardboard makes a great structure for paper lanterns. Use simple wax or printer paper stapled or glued to a frame made of cardboard. Add a small electric nightlight inside and you have a beautiful piece of home decor. Paint the cardboard and texture the paper with color for an even lovelier final result.

Green living is all about getting creative with your everyday lifestyle. From sorting the recycling to up-cycling used materials into eco-friendly art projects, you can reduce waste and energy consumption in little ways each and every day. Contact us for more green living tips or to find the perfect apartment for your sustainable lifestyle.

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