Eco-Friendly Advice For Green Apartment Hunters

Green has evolved from a choice of color to a choice of lifestyle. Green energy, green nutrition, green habitats, green transportation. Put green in front of almost every topic and you’ll find many articles about the latest technologies being developed or already in use to protect our planet from an oversupply of us. Here’s a bit of eco-friendly advice to assist apartment hunters in their quest for a green place they can call home.

More recently constructed buildings are likely to be the greenest, but local building and health codes are forcing older complexes to upgrade facilities as well. With that in mind, a fairly quick survey of the apartment complex will tell you a lot about what priorities your prospective landlords place on being green and, by default, how concerned the surrounding community is as well. Here are a few questions to ask yourself during your tour:




  • Landscaping is lovely, but is it being watered in a responsible green way with drip irrigation rather than wasteful spraying?
  •  If there are added touches like fountains and pools, are they replenished with recycled, gray water rather than fresh?
  • Is at least some of the power derived from solar and other clean energy sources rather than fossil fuels?
  • Does the garbage disposal area include containers for recyclables?
  • Do the bathrooms have low-flush toilets and low-flow shower heads?
  • Are there motion sensors on the faucets?
  • Are the fixtures LED compatible?
  • Are appliances, fans, and air-conditioners energy-efficient models?

If none or few of the above meet the green test, there’s not much an apartment hunter can do but hunt elsewhere. If most of the answers are affirmative and the rent is within your budget, there’s a good chance you’ve found your new home.

This home, however green, can be made greener still by you. If you’re planning on getting new furniture, choose pieces made from recycled wood and metal or sustainable, green materials like bamboo. Select green vendors and manufacturers that adhere to fair trade, artisan-made practices for sources of green bedding, cushions, carpets, kitchen utensils and table settings. And then there’s the ultimate green choice that has been given to us — plants. Whether it’s something exotic like orchids in the bathroom or something functional like a counter herb garden in the kitchen, plants are beautiful, natural air purifiers.

Contact us to find green apartment properties in your area and turn your hunt for a green apartment into a pleasure rather than a chore.

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