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How To Cool Your Apartment Without AC

Summer may be officially over, but that doesn’t mean cold weather is upon us just yet. In an attempt to cool down and beat the heat, you may be tempted to blast the AC. However, in a typical home, AC takes up about 16% of the total energy use. Here at Western National, we can help you down on energy use with these simple ways to cool your apartment without AC.

1. Use Window Blinds

If you want to cool your room on a sunny day, use blinds to keep the sun’s rays from coming through the windows. Strategically open your windows in the morning to cool the room down, then close them when it becomes warm outside. This way, your room will be at a comfortable temperature throughout the day without ever turning on the AC. You will be amazed at how much energy you will save at the end of the year.

2. Ice, Bowl, And Fan

People used this trick to cool their homes down before modern air conditioning was invented. Get some ice and place it in a large bowl. Then, move it close to a fan. As the fan blows over the bowl, it creates a cool misty breeze that effectively cools your room and makes the use of AC unnecessary.

3. Cotton Bed Sheets 

If you tend to get hot overnight, never fear. You can gradually cut down the energy use in your apartment room by rolling back the warm comforter and replacing them with cotton sheets. Cotton sheets offer the proper airflow, helping you sleep without the need to turn on the AC.

Simple steps can help you live a more eco-friendly lifestyle, from finding ways to cool your apartment without AC to reusing old materials. For more green living guidance for your apartment lifestyle, contact us at Western National.

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