Consider Size In Your Apartment When Going Green

Green Living is about much more than walkability, green space, and energy-saving appliances. Going green may call for downsizing to a modern apartment that saves resources and provides enough living space for everyone to be comfortable. Consider Size In Your Apartment When Going Green A small, energy-efficient home doesn’t have to feel cramped either.

Size plays a role in how much energy you use. An average one-bedroom apartment might be “greener” than a single family home with extra roof insulation, windows with dual panes and efficient appliances. Consider how much space you really need. A couple with two children may need the house just as much as the yard.

Use of space matters as well. A quick visit to a department store will reveal many storage solutions and closet organizers. If the idea of being squeezed into a tiny apartment with another person and everything you own turns you off, consider how to use space more effectively. Consider donated some used items. If you haven’t worn that ski jacket in two years, you probably don’t need it anymore. The 50 CDs you collected in graduate school and almost never listen to anymore can go to thrift shop. Decluttering can help you feel more comfortable in a smaller space.

Natural light helps. Windows that admit plenty of light and an open floor plan create the illusion of having more living space. This is good news because apartment builders, knowing renters expect homes with plenty of natural light, have been using more windows or bigger windows.

Downsizing, using efficient storage, and taking advantage of natural light make for a green and economical home. Feel free to contact us if you would like to know more about our green apartments.


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