Conserving Water In Your Home

Many people are embracing the idea of a green lifestyle. Even though homeowners have more options for green living, apartment residents also have several ways to help the environment. Water conservation is a big part of an eco-friendly lifestyle, especially in areas hit by droughts. Below are a few ways you can save water as an apartment dweller.

Short Showers

People use a great deal of water when taking a bath or shower. A good way to reduce your water usage is to take showers instead of baths. Taking short showers also helps – have a waterproof timer in the shower or bathroom to limit every shower to 10 minutes or less.

No Running Water

You probably don’t realize how often you let water run from a kitchen or bathroom faucet. Running water is an incredible waste of drinkable water. When brushing your teeth, washing your face, or shaving, turn off the water until you need it. In the kitchen, you can save water by putting a pitcher of water in the refrigerator instead of running the faucet to get colder water. To thaw out frozen foods, put the item in the refrigerator to defrost instead of running water over it. When washing produce, wash off in a large bowl of water instead of putting the fruits or vegetables under running water.

Full Loads

Using energy efficient appliances is a great way to save energy and water. When washing dishes or doing laundry, only do full loads as a way to reduce water consumption. By washing your clothes in cold water, you also save the energy used to heat gallons of water.

Rain Barrels

Although some may think rain barrels are old-fashioned, they are making a comeback as part of a greener lifestyle. If you have a terrace or deck off your apartment, you can use small barrels to collect rainwater. Once you have collected the water, you can use it to wash cars, outdoor furniture, and other items that don’t require drinkable water. If you boil the water, after it cools, you can use it to water plants.

By making a few changes to your lifestyle, you can conserve water without making huge sacrifices. If you are looking for a new apartment home that cares about the environment, contact Western National Property Management today for information about vacant apartments in California or Nevada.


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