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4 Eco-Friendly Ways to Conserve Water this Summer

One of the biggest challenges when the weather gets hot is water conservation. Water exposed to heat is more likely to evaporate, which leads to a dryer climate and therefore more demand on our aquifers and reservoirs of fresh water.

Western National is here to help you give back to mother nature this year with a few tricks to conserve water this summer.

1. Go Swimming Instead of Sprinkler Play

Playing in the sprinkler is a fun summer tradition, but it also encourages evaporation as we spray water into the air. That’s why we tend to water at night in the summer, so the water can soak into our plants before it evaporates in the heat. Instead, head to the local pool to keep cool.

2. Rinse Produce in a Bowl of Water

Always rinse fresh produce when you bring it home from the store. Fruits and vegetables often still have a little dirt and farming substances on the outside. Some produce is also waxed to preserve it in transport. Washing your produce makes sure it’s clean and safe to eat, but you don’t have to wash it under running water. Save water by filling a bowl and rinsing your produce in the bowl instead.

3. Fully Load the Washer and Dishwasher

Don’t run your dishwasher or washing machine unless they are at full capacity. Every load takes a good amount of water, so by running full loads you get the most wash from each supply of wash-water.

4. Water Plants with Cooking Water and Sink Drippings

You don’t need to use new water for your house plants or garden. Use water from the kitchen instead. Leave a pan in the sink to catch any drips or faucet draining, then regularly drain that pan into your plants or watering can. When you boil pasta or steam vegetables, use the water left over to water your plants. The extra nutrients from whatever you’ve cooked makes kitchen water better for most plants than plain water.

There are tons of easy and eco-friendly ways to save energy this summer, from these ways to conserve water to utilizing solar power. For more green living insights or to find a green apartment that fits your lifestyle, contact Western National today!

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