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Check Out the Ocean Hero Web Browser

Socially-conscious search engines have been pretty popular recently. Ecosia (which uses 80 percent of its profits to plant trees) seems to have started a trend. Another search engine that’s getting off the ground is Ocean Hero. And though there’s complicated math in turning average searches, clicks, and funds into concrete results, the site provides an average of five searches for one plastic bottle recovered from the ocean.

How Does Ocean Hero Work?

The key behind this search engine’s efforts to help clean up the ocean is that it identified a source of a great deal of ocean-going plastic waste, and aims to stem the tide. According to the site, six countries are the source of a huge amount of waste. Those countries all share a population that lives in extreme poverty, as well as access to rivers, streams, and the ocean. The result is that plastic, once used, is discarded and ignored as it serves no benefit to those who are already struggling.

Ocean Hero aims to kill two birds with one stone. By partnering with PlasticBank, Ocean Hero helps create value for that plastic. Once people can trade it in for money, or for tuition, suddenly it becomes worth collecting. This stops people from throwing it away and also leads to larger-scale collection efforts. This helps stem the flow of plastic into the ocean. It also provides much-needed resources to those in struggling communities at the same time!

And All You Have To Do Is Search

Since we’re all online anyway, and most of us perform a dozen searches a day for everything from obscure facts, to gas prices, to news stories, just switching to Ocean Hero allows you to make a genuine impact in other people’s lives, and on the environment. Which is a pretty great way to use what you’re already doing to help out.

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