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4 Clever Ways to Charge Your EV

Electric vehicles are incredibly eco-friendly. A well-designed EV can completely eliminate gasoline from your daily commute. No gas, no fumes, no pollution contribution. All you need to do is charge the vehicle regularly, and with a little clever forward-planning, this is no trouble at all. Here are Western National’s four tips to charge your EV.

1. Charge Up While You’re At Work

Is there an EV charge location near your work? Most people are at work 5+ hours a day, which is plenty of time for your car to soak up some electricity. Your workplace may have some EV spots in the parking lot, or there might be an EV spot in a public parking lot nearby.

2. Find a Fast-Charger Near a Local Gym

Your daily workout is also a great time to charge your vehicle. Find an EV charging spot near your favorite gym and give yourself an excuse to sweat away an hour or two. Your body will be in great shape and your car will be all powered up when you’re through.

3. Catch Dinner at an EV Friendly Restaurant

You can also often find a place to charge over dinner. Head out to a trendy restaurant with EV charging nearby and enjoy a leisurely dinner. This is a great way to reward yourself for a zero-emissions commute.

4. Shock While You Shop

Finally, you can charge during your routine shopping. Park your car in an EV spot while you grocery shop. That hour or two will top up your “tank”. If you have weekend shopping to do, pick a shopping center with EV charging and get everything you need in one place while your electric vehicle charges.

For these clever ways to charge your EV to starting an indoor herb garden, Western National is here to help you live a greener lifestyle. Looking for an apartment community that shares your eco-friendly values? Contact us today!

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