bamboo toothbrush

Try These Low-Waste Alternatives in The Bathroom

Going green in your bathroom can seem a bit daunting, since most bathroom products are single-use, or come packaged in plastic. However, after reading the list below, you will see how a few simple changes can significantly reduce your bathroom waste and promote an eco-friendly lifestyle. Here are our favorite low-waste alternatives for the bathroom: […]

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Woman practicing creative green living by using reusable bags and food containers at a farmers' market.

5 Creative Green Living Tips You Can Start Today!

Living that cleaner, greener life doesn’t have to be a struggle. Just like the proverbial journey of 1,000 miles, you need to take that first step. If you’re not sure quite where to get started, some of these creative green living tips may be what you need to put one foot in front of the […]

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how can I become greener at home

Going Green Locally: How Can I Become Greener at Home?

The eco-friendly movement is a global phenomenon, yet some of the simplest and most effective ways to go green lie much closer to home. Here are five tips on how to go green by staying local and engaging with your community. Participate in an eco-friendly community garden Community gardens make gardening an accessible hobby for […]

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