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3 Ways to Brighten Your Apartment Without Using Electricity

The first thing we all learn about being eco-friendly is to turn off the lights. “Switch off the lights when you leave the room,” we were reminded time and time again. For many, that eco-friendly habit has grown into a love of natural light. Why use electricity when sunshine will light and warm the room for you? Reducing power use is one of the best, easiest ways for apartment residents to go green and reduce the power bill at the same time. Of course, when you don’t turn on the lights, it can get a little gloomy indoors. So here are some simple and fun ways to brighten your apartment without switching on the lights from your friends at Western National.

1. Use Sheer Curtains During the Day

Switch to sheer curtains or add a sheer layer to your drapes. Sheer curtains are lightweight, translucent, and usually white or cream. They diffuse the light, helping it to spread around the room and provide gentler illumination. Sheer curtains also soften shadows and keep sunbeams from blinding you at certain times of the day.

2. Hang Mirrors to Reflect Natural Light

Mirrors are a great way to brighten any home, as they effectively double (or even triple) the amount of light in any room. During the day, mirrors can reflect light from your windows into the rest of the house and increase the brightness provided by natural light in each room. Mirrors also make rooms look larger for a warm and spacious feel.

3. Decorate with a Pale and Bright Color Palette

Finally, don’t forget your color scheme. Colors that reflect light will make your rooms brighter because they don’t absorb light that hits them. White and pastels are the best for reflecting light, while splashes of bright color will make each space feel more lively and cheerful when bathed in the warm sunshine.

Are you looking for an apartment where you can enjoy the natural light? Do you yearn to find out new ways to live a green lifestyle, from ways to brighten your apartment without electricity to sustainable decor? Contact Western National today!

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