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3 Ways Apartment Neighbors Can Go Green Together

One of the great things about living in an eco-friendly community is getting to know your neighbors. As you meet more residents of your Western National home, you can organize more than the occasional get-together. You can also find new ways to go green together. Here are three great ways that apartment neighbors can pool resources to increase the community’s eco-friendliness.

1. Collect Batteries and Electronics for Proper Recycling

Batteries and electronics have rare metals and stored chemicals inside that are not safe to dump in a normal landfill. The tech industry will gladly reclaim those materials for new devices, but people need to recycle their old electronics properly. Working together with your neighbors, you can gather your old batteries and electronic devices. Then, you can take one shared trip to the nearest designated electronics recycling box. This effort can help keep chemicals out of landfills and reduce the need to mine more rare minerals.

2. Send Pooled Compost to a Community Garden

Most apartment buildings don’t have a garden of their own to compost into, but there is likely a community garden in your area. A community garden is a growing space planted and maintained by people who live nearby. Often, they are in need of supplies including fertilizer, soil, and compost materials. You and your neighbors can pool compost materials each week and one person can take it over to the community garden where a compost pile is ready and waiting.

3. Host Regular Donation Collections

Donating clothes, furniture, dishware, and pantry items is an eco-friendly alternative to dumping them in a landfill. Get together with your neighbors regularly to collect anything you don’t use or want anymore and donate it. This way, someone else can enjoy the items instead.

It’s easiest to go green together when you have apartment neighbors who care about a green lifestyle as much as you do. Contact us today to find an eco-friendly community.

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