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Apartment Green Living: Off-Grid Practices for On-Grid Living

Off-Grid is More Possible Than You Think

Many of us fantasize about a simpler life. You can see this longing in the explosion of interest in off-grid escapes far from the grind.

Most people don’t have the ability to leave it all behind, but that doesn’t mean that those living on-grid, even in the smallest of apartments, can’t utilize off-grid practices to live a simpler, more eco-friendly life.

Here are some tips for off-grid living, on the grid.

Reduce Electrical Consumption

Using LED light bulbs, Energy Star appliances and turning lights off when you leave the room are great practices, but it is possible to go even further.

1. Try Going to Bed with the Sun 

In previous generations, people lived more by the cycles of the sun. If your schedule and lifestyle allow, going back to these cycles not only saves energy on artificial lighting but allows your body to sleep and wake more naturally.

2. Use Solar Powered Devices

There are small and inexpensive solar panels available for a wide array of needs, from device charging to lighting. For apartment living, if you have a balcony or a south-facing window you could charge up throughout the day and spend your nights lit with guilt-free energy from the sun.

3. Spend Your Evenings Away from the TV

Activities like reading, playing games or creative projects take no energy but a simple source of light. It might be a way to bond more fully with your family as well.

Reduce Water Consumption

1. Reuse Your Water

Rather letting water from your shower or cooking go down the drain, you can use it to water plants.

2. Hand Wash Your Clothing

Machine-washing and drying clothing takes a lot of energy and water. Hand-washing clothing is much easier than you’d think. Even washing small items like socks and underwear is helpful. 

Grow Your Own Food

Use the energy of the sun coming in your windows and the wastewater you catch from cooking, and you can have a significant amount of your herbs and vegetables without ever needing to go to the store!

The Many Benefits of Off-Grid Practices

Using these off-grid practices will save energy and water. They might even help you sleep better, bond with your family and probably save you money. Please contact us for more ideas on living green in any kind of home. We’re committed to helping you achieve a go green lifestyle as an apartment resident.

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