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4 Ways to Go Green with Apartment-Friendly Smart Devices

Everyone knows that a smart home can improve the green rating of your home. Energy efficiency and helpful reminders are only the beginning. But did you know that it’s easy to set up a smart home in your apartment without a single installation? Most smart home devices are “plug and play,” meaning all they need is a power outlet (and Wi-Fi signal) to get started. Here are some great ways to go green with apartment-friendly smart devices.

1. Dim Your Smart Light Bulbs On Command

You don’t need to install a dimmer to use electricity and get mood lighting. Smart lights are LED bulbs that screw right into the normal light socket. They use less electricity overall and smart controls mean you can dim the lights to use less power. In addition, you can always turn out the lights, even if you remember after leaving home.

2. Replace 3 Devices with 1 Smart Speaker

Place one smart speaker in your home and you can replace three other energy-drinking devices. A smart speaker can serve as your clock, radio, intercom, personal calendar, and more. With voice commands, you can listen to music, podcasts, and news. You can connect like an intercom to other smart speakers in other rooms. You can dim the lights, start the coffee machine, and set an alarm all in one little speaker.

3. Unify Viewing with a Smart TV

Getting a smart TV isn’t just cool for the living room, it actually reduces the total number of TVs you need to entertain the family. Why? Because the right app can stream your show to mobile devices in the house. Smart TVs are their own media platforms, and many have nightlight and meditation functions as well. Play music, television, or movies for the whole household or use your TV to display digital art.

4. Perfect Balance with a Smart Humidifiers and More

Other plug-and-play smart home devices can improve your eco-friendliness as well. Your humidifier, for example, will never run too long with a smart timer or hydrometer sensor attached.  A smart toaster oven will switch itself off, or turn off at a voice command so it never wastes electricity (or burns toast). Smart devices are a great and efficient addition to your green apartment.

Switching to apartment-friendly smart devices is just one of the ways you can reduce your energy use. Looking for an apartment that understands technological progress and eco-friendly living? Contact us today.

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