An Easy Guide to Apartment Composting

If you live in an apartment without a dedicated backyard, composting might seem impossible. But it doesn’t have to be! No matter if you are trying to cut down on food waste or want to enhance the soil for your patio garden, composting can be super easy and affordable. Check out the following four easy methods that make apartment composting simple and practical.

Countertop Composting

If your main goal is to reduce food scrap waste, countertop composting is amazingly simple and cheap. All that you need to do is to start dumping your scraps in a bin. Any bin with a lid will do, but there are also a number of attractive countertop compost bins in the marketplace like this one. You can compost coffee grounds, vegetable peels, eggshells, and more.

After collecting your scraps, research places that will gather them and turn the scraps into compost. Most big cities provide scrap collecting services along with their waste pickup. If your town does not offer that option, check with community gardens and local farmer’s markets.

Freezer Composting

Much like countertop composting, utilizing your freezer for composting is a great option to cut down on food waste. The benefit of this method is that you don’t have to fret about unpleasant smells, insects, or taking up too much counter space. You can store your scripts in anything from a zip-top bag to a storage container.

Blender Composting

Also called cold composting, this is a fool-proof method for composting certain food scraps. All you need to do is use your blender to break down the scraps into a slurry that will decompose much faster. Of course, you should avoid tough foods like avocado pits and seeds that will damage your blender.

A Few Things to Keep in Mind with Apartment Composting:

Not all food waste is compostable. For instance, fats and meats should not be included with your compost material. You can do a quick internet search to double-check what to put in your compost — check out this post to get started.

Your compost needs air. When food in landfills does not break down, it’s usually due to a lack of air. When you look into compost bins, make sure your scraps leave enough room for air.

Apartment composting is a great way to dispose of food scraps and kickstart a greener lifestyle. For more eco-friendly apartment living tips and how to reduce your carbon footprint, check out our blog or contact us here

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