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3 Reasons to Air-Dry Your Laundry

Of the major household appliances, clothing dryers use the third-highest amount of energy.¬†Fortunately, there’s a solution to this problem. Line drying your laundry is an easy way to live a greener life. It requires few supplies and very little time on your part. There really isn’t a downside to this sustainable alternative. Check out these three reasons to air-dry your laundry.

1. Line Drying Saves 

Line drying your laundry is a great way to save money, energy, and time. In one year, the average family can save around $100, reduce their carbon footprint by 2400 pounds, and save countless hours of waiting around for the dryer to finish.

2. It’s Better for Your Clothing

Drying your clothing with an electric or gas dryer is hard on fabric. The high levels of heat and the tumbling motion leads to tangled and broken down fabrics that don’t last. Dryer sheets and fabric softeners are also full of added chemicals that break down fabric more quickly. When you air-dry your laundry, you have the option of laying your clothing flat or gently hanging them to air dry, giving the fabric a much longer life. Plus, air drying gives your clothing a fresh, natural scent that doesn’t require the use of any chemicals.

3. It’s Easy and Fun

Finally, foregoing the dryer can actually be a fun adventure. Although you don’t need any supplies to successfully air dry your laundry, you can find countless varieties of drying racks and retractable clotheslines for sale. Get creative and drape your fresh bed sheets over the shower rod to dry or clip your wet socks on hangers in your closet. You’ll quickly find that air-drying your laundry can be a practical step toward living a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

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