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6 Tips for Eco-Friendly Fall Decorating

Decorative gourd season is here, and now it’s time to clear the shelves of summer decorations and think towards all things autumn. If you’re looking to celebrate the season with an eco-friendly spin, here are some fun and sustainable fall decorating tips.

Organize First!

Before you go crazy with fall decorating, it is important to tuck away any summer decorations currently on display and take inventory of what fall decorations you currently own. If you don’t love an item donate it. Clutter is a huge mental energy waste and making space for things you truly love will make your home feel more organized and calming in the long run.

Minimal Is Preferable

After you have organized and taken inventory, be intentional about what you buy, and only purchase what you really love. Excessive decorations are not needed for the home to feel festive. A few well-placed pumpkins could be very effective. 

Say “No” to Plastic

To be truly eco-friendly, fresh pumpkins and gourds are the way to go. Plastic pumpkins might seem like the more Earth friendly option at first, as they’re used year after year, eventually, the plastic ones will be discarded to forever decompose in a landfill. Real pumpkins can last a whole season if they are no cut and can be composted or given to local farms for the animals when it’s time to change to winter decorations. 

Say “Yes” to Nature

Fall isn’t just limited to decorative gourds. Colorful leaves, interesting foliage, pine cones, and acorns can all make wonderful natural ornamentations. Your home can be transformed into a fall wonderland without emptying your pockets or adding clutter to be packed away later. You can also check local farmer’s markets for eco-friendly, natural decor like corn stalks, cabbages, and chrysanthemums.

Food as Decorations

Fall harvest is known for having an abundance of delicious, beautiful food. Huge bowls of multi-colored apples and purple cabbages are a beautiful addition to the kitchen, baskets of mini gourds, and winter squash strategically placed in every room add for a bit of fall color, and obviously … candy! There are tons of lovely fall-colored and themed wrapped chocolates that can make instant decorations.  Place them in a clear glass vase and it looks very chic.

Turn to Pinterest

Go check out Pinterest for beautiful, free printables perfect for every occasion and season. Use picture frames you already own and trade out pictures to match your seasonal decor. This decor is not only an eco-friendly option, but it is also super budget-friendly! A double victory.

Eco-friendly fall decorating is a great mood booster, especially if you want to spruce up your home office. A box or two full of only loved items can become a treasured, stress-free tradition. And if you’re attentive and deliberate about how you decorate, you can also do it guilt-free. For more ways you can make your life more eco-friendly, simply contact us today!

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