5 Unique Eco-Friendly Products

We’re all trying to be more eco-friendly these days. We recycle waste instead of throwing it in the trash, we minimize the amount of electricity we use, and we watch our water consumption. However, a lot of us feel like we should do more, so we start shopping for eco-friendly products. While that’s a good idea, some of them can get pretty weird. They will make you more environmentally friendly, though.

#1: The Green Energy Remote Control

The eco-friendly remote control made by Sony looks like a strange vase more than a TV control. You rock it back and forth, and the motion generated energy that powers the remote. You then use the remote like a magic wand, flicking it horizontally to change the volume, and vertically to change the channel. If you’ve been looking for a Harry Potter experience, this is the tool to help.

#2: Living Bath Mat

One of the best ways to add a little green to your home is to bring in some plants. For most of us, that means hanging plants in the kitchen, a window box, or maybe standing plants. However, if you want a way to avoid wasting water while also cleaning out the air, it’s possible to get a specially prepared moss bath mat. It doesn’t stick to your feet, requires minimal maintenance, and lets you breathe fresh, clean air.

#3: The Eco-Friendly Umbrella

We all have at least one umbrella in the house for those rainy days when we have to go out into misty weather. However, umbrellas tend to be difficult to recycle when they eventually break. A solution is an eco-friendly umbrella, like the Eco Brolly model. This device has a simple skeleton that allows you to attach your own covering, whether it’s a plastic bag, some sheets of newsprint, or other protective covering. This allows you to reuse household waste material for another purpose and keeps your head dry.

#4: The One Puck Charger

Roughly the size of a hockey puck, this unique, green phone charger is one for the gift list. It is, essentially, a mobile coaster. If you have a hot drink, you put it on the red side. A cold drink put it on the blue. The temperature difference makes the mechanism work, and you can charge your phone over your coffee break.

#5: The Wrist Grip Charger

If you’ve ever seen an 80s movie, then you know the grip strengthening squeezers. Used by characters (and real people, too) who want that crushing grip, there are now versions of this device that make electricity. So plug in your phone or tablet, and get to squeezing. By the time your workout is over, you should have a full battery!

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