5 Houseplants That Will Clean the Air in Your OC Apartment

A great way to decorate your eco-friendly apartment rentals in South Orange County and help improve air quality is by getting some houseplants. You can really enjoy the benefits of a few plants if you know what kinds to get.

Here are 5 houseplants that will clean the air in your apartments and add to the decor.

  • A beautiful and subtle plant is the Peace Lily. This gorgeous flower with plenty of green is great to for you apartments. This single petal flower is known to remove more than the usual toxins from the air. It’s also a beautiful accent piece to any room.
  • Get some Aloe Vera for your eco-friendly apartment rentals in South Orange County. This plants works for many purposes and it’s also a great choice for removing toxins in the air. It also dubs as a wonderful healing tool used for burns and minor injuries.
  • A lush exotic plant that will thrive well is the Chinese Evergreen. This plants is toned in different shade of green and is fantastic for removing common toxins from the air around you. You will surely enjoy this easy to care for plant.
  • For a beautiful pop of color to your space, get some Chrysanthemums. These beautiful flowers are awesome for decor and the work double duty removing harmful elements to your air. You will enjoy this fantastic option for your apartments.
  • A larger plant that is known to be a powerhouse for removing toxins is the Rubber Plant. This beautiful plant comes in a variety of species that you can choose from them. Be sure to place it in sunlight so it can thrive.

When you want to improve the air quality at your eco-friendly apartment rentals in South Orange County, be sure to check out these plant options. You will love what they add to your apartments while taking toxins away. Find out more about how our apartments are eco-friendly by getting in touch with us at Western Nation.

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