5 Green Living Life Hacks Using Table Salt

It’s surprising how many secret tricks and unusual techniques for living cleaner, greener lives are hiding right in plain sight. If you’ve been looking around and wondering what you could do to lessen your environmental impact, well, it might be time to pass the salt.

Hack #1: Prevent Mold On Your Shower Curtains

Moisture in a tight space almost always produces mold. It’s the reason you typically have to buy a new shower curtain at least once a year. However, you can prevent this process from getting started by washing your curtains in salt water. According to Wimp, this will make your shower curtain clean and sparkling, while stopping mold from making a return.

Hack #2: Drip-Free Candles

In our age of electricity, we all keep a few candles around the house. Whether it’s to add some ambiance or for emergency light when the power goes out, they’re good to have around. If you soak a candle in a concentrated salt solution for a few hours and then give it ample time to dry, the wax won’t drip quite so messily. This makes the candles cleaner and helps them last longer.

Hack #3: Great, All-Natural Air Freshener

We all have those days where we just want to scrub our air clean. A good way to do this is to scoop out half of an orange, grapefruit, or similar fruit so you have a bowl of the skin. Once you have your bowl, add one-half to a full cup of coarse salt, along with 20 or 30 drops of an essential oil. Voila! A green, completely compostable air freshener.

Hack #4: An Iron Cleaner

If you need to get the wrinkles out of your clothes, but your iron is covered in gunk, never fear. Turn your iron to the highest setting, and run it over a piece of brown paper covered in salt. The salt will pull the unwanted mess off your iron, leaving it clean and fresh (though you may need to let it cool down and wipe off the salt).

Hack #5: Clean Your Sink

Coarse salt and a lemon are all you need to make your sink shine. Cut the lemon in half and scrub the salt around the sink with it. Watch stains and films come right off, to be rinsed down the drain. Even better, there’s a fresh, lemon scent left behind!

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