A girl buying a secondhand book, which is a great eco-friendly entertainment option

5 Eco-Friendly Entertainment Options

When it comes to saving the planet, most of us think of recycling, buying organic, and walking instead of driving. All of these habits make an impact, but there’s always more to be done. One area we often overlook is entertainment. We spend a lot of time watching movies, reading books, and keeping up with the news, but we rarely consider eco-friendly entertainment options that could help the planet as well as stave off boredom.

Let’s take a look!

1. Read Your News Online

Most folks already do this, but if you still get a physical paper delivered on a daily basis, you might want to consider switching to a digital subscription. In addition to the paper, power, and resources it takes to print, there’s also the resources it takes to deliver the paper to your door. An online subscription is often cheaper, and you can read the paper from any device.

2. Buy Your Physical Media Second Hand

Whether you like horror novels or classic movies, consider going to your local Friends of The Library store or secondhand bookshop. These places take pre-owned media and keep it in circulation. This way you get the same entertainment you would if you’d purchased a new book or movie, but you didn’t use any additional resources to make it. Bonus: it’s cheaper!

3. Borrow When You Can

If you have a friend with a huge movie collection, ask if you can borrow one from time to time. Same goes for someone with shelves of books. Alternately, visit your local library! Most libraries have a wide selection of movies, audiobooks, cookbooks, magazines, newspapers, and more. Best of all, it’s free and causes no added strain on the environment.

4. Stream Whenever Possible

Whether it’s YouTube or Netflix, streaming has taken a huge burden off the earth in terms of the resources we use. Double points if you watch your favorite movies on a small screen for better energy efficiency. Additionally, if you’re hoping to catch the latest summer blockbuster, buy your tickets online and use your smartphone for admission rather than printing a physical copy.

5. Digital Reading

Ebooks aren’t going away anytime soon, and they do a lot of good for the planet. Fewer trees harvested means more forests are left to suck up all that CO2. Plus, you can enjoy a new release for a better price without going to the store. Just click, and start reading!

For more simple ways you can be more eco-friendly, please contact us! At Western National, eco-friendly entertainment is just one piece of the puzzle. Go green with us!

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