5 Easy Ways To Recycle Cinder Blocks

Do you have any cinder blocks lying around near your place? Maybe they were stacked up in the back or someone was throwing them away? Well, don’t get rid of them! Throwing them out just means you’re going to have building blocks taking up space in a landfill and they have all sorts of great uses around the house. For example…

#1: Durable Planters

If you like to garden, cinder blocks are ideal as planters. They’re durable, heavy, and they act as a protective shell around your budding beauties. Whether you prefer flowers or vegetables, cinder blocks can be extremely useful as green thumb accessories.

#2: Entertainment Center

Whether you have a handful of DVDs, or a sprawling library of movies, video games, and entertainment devices, you can build your own entertainment center with a handful of cinder blocks. All you need is some boards to put over them and you have a sturdy, rugged set of shelves that don’t require a single Allen wrench to assemble.

#3: Bed Foundation

Is your bed frame just not cutting it? Well, you could build a foundation with cinder blocks, instead. This gives you a solid foundation and it provides storage for smaller objects (as well as long ones) under your bed.

#4: A Handy Fire Pit

If you live somewhere that lets you have open fires in your backyard, cinder blocks are ideal for making sure your blazes stay under control. Just stack them in a square, fill the interior with gravel for extra stability and enjoy a night roasting marshmallows.

#5: Shoe Cubbies (With Optional Futon)

Just like your bed, cinder blocks make a great foundation for a futon. Of course, another handy thing is they’re ideal shoe storage space. So you can kill two birds with one stone… so to speak.

For more handy ways you can get the most out of your home using simple recycling techniques, simply contact us today!

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