Woman practicing creative green living by using reusable bags and food containers at a farmers' market.

5 Creative Green Living Tips You Can Start Today!

Living that cleaner, greener life doesn’t have to be a struggle. Just like the proverbial journey of 1,000 miles, you need to take that first step. If you’re not sure quite where to get started, some of these creative green living tips may be what you need to put one foot in front of the other.

Tip #1: Re-Use Broken Clip Hangers in Your Kitchen

How many times have you been re-organizing your closet, and one of those plastic hangers with clips breaks? Well, rather than junking the whole thing, take eLuxe Magazine‘s advice and re-use the clips meant to hold your pants as clips for your open bags of snacks. You’ll reuse an otherwise broken item, and save yourself buying another plastic accessory at the same time!

Tip #2: Strop Your Razors on Your Jeans

We toss out disposable razors all the time, but they often have a lot more life left in them than we think. The next time your shave is getting a little rough, stretch out a pair of jeans and then push your razor across them in a long, smooth stroke (in the opposite direction you’d use if you were shaving). The denim smooths and re-hones the blade, allowing you to get a smooth shave once again. 20-30 strokes should do the trick, and you can use that razor for months instead of weeks.

Tip #3: Get Some Reusable Food Wraps

Few things generate as much waste as aluminum foil and plastic wrap, but as The Edgy Veg points out, you can get reusable cloth wraps that accomplish the same task. These wraps, made from natural fibers and coated with materials like beeswax, can be wrapped over leftovers or used to keep sandwiches safe in your lunch sack, and when you get home all you have to do is wipe them clean with a washcloth. They do for your food preservation what cloth napkins do for wiping your hands during meals.

Tip #4: Use Ice Cream Cones To Save Cupcake Waste

Everyone loves cupcakes, but the sheer amount of waste all those paper wrappings generate is a nightmare when you think about them just sitting in a landfill. So instead of using paper cups, why not just bake your next batch in ice cream cones? This creates a completely edible treat with no waste, and it’s a lot less messy than peeling off those little papers.

Tip #5: Get Yourself a Tea Strainer

If you’re one of those folks who loves a hot cup of tea, then you should also know tea bags are terrible for the environment. You can save a lot of time, energy, and waste by getting loose leaf tea, and putting it in a strainer. You can even get fun strainers, such as ones that look like a shark swimming through your mug, which is an experience you just can’t get from a one-and-done tea bag.

For more creative green living tips on how you can cut your waste, and be a little more eco-friendly in your day-to-day, simply contact us today!

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