5 Alternative Uses for Plastic Bags

Even though we all know it’s more eco-friendly to have a reusable shopping bag, chances are a lot of us have an entire drawer full of single-use plastic bags. While you could put them in your plastic recycling bin, they are useful little items to have around. So before you just throw them out, here are some alternative things you could do with them.

#1: Keep Your Bowls Clean

We all know to line our small garbage cans with plastic shopping bags, but they’re pretty useful in the kitchen, too. The next time you’re doing a gross job, like scooping out the inside of a chicken, make sure you pull a bag over your bowl. That way, when you’re finished, you can peel the bag off the bowl and voila! The mess is ready for the trash. You may not even need to wash the bowl.

#2: Keep Your Gym Bag From Smelling

When you get done at the gym, try taking your dirty clothes and tying them into a plastic grocery bag. You’ll notice it keeps the rest of your bag from getting funky and it eliminates that sweaty, locker room odor.

#3: Stay Clean

If you’re going out to the garden, put some plastic bags around your shoes or your knees. This will help keep your clothes from getting dirty and it’s an ideal solution for folks who don’t want to change their clothes just to do a bit of weeding.

#4: Prevent Frozen Mirrors

If you don’t have a garage to park your car in, you can put plastic bags over the mirrors and wipers during the colder months. This stops them from getting coated in freezing rain, which means you won’t have to scrape them clean before you get on the road.

#5: Don’t Watch Your Paint Dry

If you’re painting your apartment (or painting it back before you move), you should take regular breaks. When you do, try wrapping your brushes and rollers in plastic bags. This will stop them from drying out, allowing you to use more of your paint.

That’s just a few things you can do with that drawer full of plastic bags. For more handy life hacks, simply¬†contact us¬†today!

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