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4 Ways to Stay Warm and Green This Winter

When it comes to being eco-friendly this winter, so much has been said about HVAC efficiency. Chances are that you already know that adapting your thermostat and sealing drafty windows is a good start to using less electricity. But how can you keep yourself warm AND green this winter, both in and out of the house? 

A warm body needs less ambient heat to keep warm, which means the warmer you keep yourself, the less you’ll need to turn up the heater. Western National has compiled some fun and creative green ways to stay warm this winter that are all about you.

1. Wear Festive Wool Socks and Holiday Sweaters

Love festive holiday socks? You’re in luck because wool is one of the world’s greatest renewable resources. Every spring, sheep need to be sheared. Like trimming your shaggy-furred dog, it’s necessary to keep them comfy in the summer. This means every sheep herd in the world is part of our infinite supply of renewable wool, ready to become those colorful socks and sweaters we love to bundle up in so much.

2. Make Tea and Cocoa The Old-Fashioned Way

Winter is the best time of year for hot drinks. There’s nothing like a steamy cup of cocoa or tea to make you forget all about the cold, even if you’re standing out in the weather. But leave those K-cups and individual packets behind. Use normal tea bags because that thin paper cloth is biodegradable, unlike plastic cups and foil-lined packets. Buy your cocoa in card-stock canisters, then find cool ways to reuse the canisters before recycling them.

3. Jump Around!

Everyone knows that you can really warm up (at least temporarily) with physical exercise. The next time you’re tempted to turn up the thermostat, get up and jump around instead. Or just rock out to your favorite song. Burning off some of those extra holiday calories is good for your body and your power bill at the same time.

4. Snuggle a Hot Water Bottle

Finally, curl up with a hot water bottle instead of an electric blanket. Pouring one pot of boiling water into a sweater-wrapped rubber bottle can make a huge difference, especially when you need to sit still to do a few hours of work at your desk. A hot water bottle can increase your body temperature without spending a drop of electricity, especially if you have a gas stove to boil the water.

Stay green this winter while you bundle up and exchange eco-friendly gifts with your loved ones. To find the eco-friendly apartment community you’ve been looking for, contact us today.

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