3 Life Hacks For Keeping Mosquitos Away

No one likes mosquitoes. One of the only nice things most people have to say about winter is that at least there are no mosquitoes when it’s 10 below zero out. But if you’re looking for some simple ways to protect yourself from these pests aside from moving to the arctic circle, here are three eco-friendly life hacks you should keep handy.

Hack #1: Sage

Sage is a herb that we typically use for getting rid of bad smells, but it can also keep mosquitoes away from your campfire. Simply toss in some sage and watch it smolder as the bugs all look for greener pastures elsewhere.

Hack #2: Plant Some Lemongrass

Lemongrass is a pleasant-smelling plant that can add a little citrus scent to your evening gatherings. It also keeps mosquitoes away, since they find its smell repellent. If you want to be extra sneaky, put some lemongrass in pots (it grows particularly well as a potted plant) and move them around to whatever room you’re entertaining in for that particular night.

Hack #3: Use Natural Oils

Essential oils are like kryptonite to mosquitoes and they won’t stay on you for long if your skin is slathered in the right ones. Simply combine eucalyptus, lavender, clove, lemongrass, peppermint, rosemary, tea tree, or clove oil with rubbing alcohol in a 10:1 ratio for your own, homemade mosquito repellent!

These are just a few ways to keep mosquitoes away from you without resorting to unwanted chemicals. For more helpful pest control tips, simply contact us today!

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