3 Eco-Friendly Gardening Tips

Starting a garden is a great way to do your part for the environment. New plants suck carbon dioxide out of the air, produce oxygen, and if you’re growing vegetables, you’re saving money by cultivating your own food. Your garden has even more potential than you know, however, and if you follow a few, simple tips you can use it to cut down on your waste, and live a cleaner, greener life.

Tip #1: Compost Your Kitchen Waste

Why would you buy fertilizer at the store, when you generate it for free in your kitchen? Everything from eggshells and banana peels to that half a hot dog you just couldn’t finish makes great compost. Instead of throwing it in the garbage to be trucked to the landfill, let your organic waste compost. Then spread it through your garden to put nutrients into the soil and to help hold in moisture.

Tip #2: Recycle Your Water

We don’t really think about how much water we use on a daily basis, but it’s a lot. While your garden needs to drink on a regular basis, that doesn’t mean you need to install a sprinkler system or bust out the hose. Instead, re-use the water that’s going to waste around your home. Put a barrel under a downspout and you can collect enough rainwater to keep your plants moist for some time. Not only that, but if you’re boiling water for any sort of cooking, you can use that water in your garden. It even has the nutrients from the plants you boiled, which makes it ideal.

Tip #3: Use Old Two-Liters to Protect Newer Plants

When you have fresh plants in a garden, sometimes you need to keep them safe from the elements. A two-liter bottle with the bottom cut off is an ideal guard until the plant is strong enough to stand tall on its own. Simply work the bottle into the soil around the plant, and unscrew the lid for cooling and fresh air. One bottle can be used over and over again to make sure every season’s plants are kept safe.

For more great tips to help your garden grow and to cut down on your wasted resources, simply contact us today!

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