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3 Eco-Friendly Gardening Tips For Apartment Dwellers

Just because you live in an apartment, that’s no reason you can’t embrace your green thumb. No matter how small your place is, there’s always room for a small garden. If you’re not sure where to get started, consider these eco-friendly gardening tips for apartment dwellers:

Tip #1: Compost Your Pet Waste

Whether you have a dog, a cat, a rabbit, or a guinea pig, you could be returning that waste back to the soil. As Eco Warrior Princess points out, all you need is a system like the Enso Pet to turn your furry friend’s poop into something you can use to help your plants grow, as long as you’re growing decorative, rather than food plants. This is a great way to keep your flowers blooming!

Tip #2: Grow A Garden From Food Scraps

Did you know you can often grow a small garden from your food scraps? For example, you can plant the eyes of potato skins in moist soil, or keep celery suspended in water until it forms roots. Succulents regrow from their leaves, and if you’ve eaten an apple you’ve got a handful of seeds just waiting to be plucked up and put into a pot.

Tip #3: Herbs Make Great Use of Window Boxes

For those who live in very small spaces, you still have the necessary space to plant an herb garden. All it takes is a little window box and a little water every now and again. Soon, you’ll have fresh herbs you can use in your kitchen whenever you need them. Even better, if your herbs start to get a little riotous, you can always give starter kits to your friends so they can also grow their own!

As you can see, eco-friendly gardening is easy, even in an apartment. For more tips on eco-friendly apartment dwelling, simply contact us today!

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