3 Ways to Wrap Holiday Gifts & Skip the Waste

With the holidays fast approaching, the shopping season is officially warming up. Before you run to the store to stock up on wrapping paper, consider some eco-friendly ways to conceal your gifts! Here are a few we’ve rounded together. 1. A Fabric Tradition Wrappr creates biodegradable fabrics with a fun twist! In 2017, a new […]

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3 Ideas For Eco-Friendly Halloween Costumes

Halloween is fast approaching and if you’re someone who thinks a lot about sustainability, you may already be wracking your mind for eco-friendly Halloween costumes. Luckily, there are tons of awesome and creative costumes out there that are also sustainable. We’ve got a few fun ideas for you right here! 1. Upcycle Old Costumes Upcycling […]

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reusable grocery bags

5 Ways to Rid Your Life of Plastic Bags

They get stuck in trees, they fly at your windshield on the interstate, and they clog sewers and tangle animals and litter streets. Yep, we’re talking about plastic bags. Most people treat them as if they were a necessary part of grocery shopping, but the truth is you can live a normal life without toting […]

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