kitchen with open window blinds | how to conserve energy with windows

4 Window Tricks for Energy-Efficient Living

Eco-friendly living takes on many forms. Recycling, composting, and upcycling are great ways to get started, but the spotlight issue of green living is often energy use and energy efficiency. You can switch your lights off and keep the fridge door closed but heating and cooling your home will always be the primary electricity-eater in […]

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hiking on rocks | eco-friendly hiking tips

3 Tips for Your Eco-Friendly Hiking Trip

A day trip to a local hiking trail is a great green activity. No fossil fuels, minimal energy consumption, and an appreciation of nature all contribute to an eco-friendly lifestyle. If you’d like to enjoy an eco-friendly hiking trip, here are some tips on how to make your day even greener. 1. Eco-Friendly Gear and […]

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