kitchen sink running | save water

6 Tips to Save Water in Your Apartment

Water-saving habits are an important part of a green lifestyle. Although no single action is going to cut your water bill or save the planet, every small step you take to save water in your apartment will ultimately add up. With diligent conservation, you could conserve thousands of gallons of water in the long term, […]

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couple-loading-laundry into washer and dryer | laundry day

5 Tips for Saving Water and Energy on Laundry Day

Sadly, laundry is among the most energy- and water-consuming chores in a household, but skipping laundry day is rarely a good option. Fortunately, Western National is here for you. We’ve compiled a list of a few ways to make laundry day a little more friendly for the earth and your wallet. 1. Only Wash a […]

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