Small Eco-Friendly Changes You Can Make Today

We all want to live cleaner, greener lives, but most of the time we balk because it feels like giving up too much or spending a lot of money. If you want some simple tips that will make a genuine impact on the environment but not on your lifestyle, here are some things you should start doing.

Tip #1: Tell Your Waiter No

If you’re going out to dinner, most places will give you water and straws. America alone uses over 500 million straws a day, so tell your waiter you won’t need one. And if you’re not going to drink the water, tell them to hold that, too, since it saves resources.

Tip #2: Turn It Off

So many devices in our homes just go to sleep when we’re not using them, but even if they’re sleeping, they’re still sucking power. Turn your computer, your TV, and your game systems completely off when you walk away. If you really want to be green, unplug them, or use a power strip, to make sure they can’t even suck power to keep that little red light on.

Tip #3: Pick Glass Over Plastic

Glass, as a resource, is one of those miraculous materials that can be used over and over again without any trouble. So whether you’re picking up beer for the barbecue, or you’re getting items that come in jars, opt for the glass option when you can. You can still recycle plastic, but once it’s been food-grade, it will never be food-grade again. Keep that in mind.

Tip #4: Buy Rechargeable Batteries

Batteries are a pain to recycle, so make sure you use as few of them as possible by getting rechargeable ones. The purchase is well worth the cost, and it lets you keep your remotes and other portable devices juiced with a lot less guilt.

Tip #5: Buy More Stuff Electronically

Most of us already buy some stuff electronically, but the more digital transactions you have, the less paper waste you’re generating. Pay your bills online, buy your movie tickets online, and when that time of year rolls around, pay your taxes online. The less paper you deal with, the better.

For more green living tips you can start putting to use today, simply contact us today!

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