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Practice Green Living by Saving Energy in Your Apartment

One of the great ways that you can help the environment and save a little money is to be sensible about how you use electricity. In fact, saving energy in your apartment helps foster a green-living lifestyle for you and your home. Here are a few simple tips and habits you can practice to maintain your goal:

Insulating Windows

Windows tend to be conduits to hot air or cold air from the outside. This increases the load on your air conditioner or heater depending on the season and where you live. Use a draft stopper to cut down on air flow from the outside.

Adjust the Thermostat

When you’re not at home, turn up or turn down your thermostat depending on the time of year. Your apartment’s temperature should not be comfortable if you are at work or on vacation. If your apartment complex comes with a smart thermostat, then all the better. You can program it to get back to a comfortable temperature when you’re on your way home.


Tricks for Washing and Drying Clothes

If you have a washer and dryer in your unit, consider washing your clothes in cold water. Also, you might be able to air-dry your clothes rather than use the dryer by stringing them up on a makeshift clothesline or on a drying rack inside your apartment.

However, if you do use the dryer, clean the lint filter before every use to increase its efficiency,

LED Light Bulbs

You should always use LED light bulbs. They use far less energy than the traditional incandescent lights and also last far longer before they need replacement.

Cooking Tricks

When you’re cooking, keep lids on pots and pans when you are not stirring or adding ingredients. In this way, heat is trapped, and your food cooks more quickly. Use the microwave rather than the oven if possible.

Turn Off Power Strips

You should consider turning off the power strip to which your televisions, computers, and other electronic devices are connected when they are not in use.

Saving energy in your apartment is certainly doable with these tips. For more information on how to maintain your go-green lifestyle, contact us. You can also find valuable tips and tricks by visiting our blog!

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