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Living Green with Environmentally Friendly Furniture

Living green isn’t just about saving energy and avoiding harmful laundry detergents! The products you buy for your home can also make an impact. This includes the pieces you use to decorate your home. Finding environmentally friendly furniture is easier than you may think. Just follow these simple rules!


Picking Environmentally Friendly Furniture

Avoid Toxic Furniture

Some furniture is made with the addition of toxic chemicals like formaldehyde. To avoid these poisonous additives, look for untreated natural wood furniture. Look for pieces that have been treated with natural products when buying wooden furniture. When using upholstery, look for furniture that is certified to be environmentally safe and does not contain any harmful chemicals.

Use Durable Furniture

Buy for life! When you buy strong, sturdy furniture that doesn’t have to be replaced, you’ll save old furniture from filling landfills and save money at the same time. Look for handmade furniture and avoid buying from big-box stores. Sustainable materials like bamboo make highly durable furniture that lasts.

Using Recycled Furniture

Another great strategy is to buy furniture made from recyclable materials. Since technology is getting more sophisticated, there are various methods for recycling metal as well as plastic. These products are often high-quality, durable, and affordable. Best of all, they use up fewer resources and don’t drain the environment!

Additionally, you can choose used furniture. Consignment stores often have great deals on high-quality pieces.

There are endless ways to enjoy an eco-friendly lifestyle. From the food we eat to the chairs we sit on, we can make small changes to achieve big results. For more green living tips, contact us today!

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