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5 Simple Ways to Live Sustainably with Pets

When it comes to making choices to live a more “green” lifestyle, there’s tons of options and advice. However, the pet supply industry is definitely lacking the same verve to create products that appeal to pet owners concerned with how to live sustainably with pets.

This can leave pet owners feeling pigeon-holed into settling for products and practices that aren’t entirely aligned with their green values. Luckily, there are actually some very simple ways to live sustainably with pets that supports your eco-friendly lifestyle!

Opt for Fabric Toys

Many pet toys, especially for dogs, are made from plastic or plastic-based materials. Opting for fabric toys reduces the amount of plastic in your life.

You see, fabric does not take as long to break down when thrown away. If you or someone you know has any sewing ability, you can even make toys yourself out of old cloth or shirts, giving old items new life!

For bigger animals or intense chewers that will destroy a fabric toy faster than you can buy them, a rope is a great alternative to tough plastic-based toys.

Ditch Traditional Poop Bags

Animal feces is natural and not necessarily bad for the environment. But it’s socially unacceptable (and unappealing) to leave it outside wherever our pets feel the urge to go. Also, leaving cat feces in the litter box will stink up your home before long. Yet, bagging it in plastic just encases it and prevents it from breaking down.

Instead, use compostable bags. The bags will break down over time instead of remaining intact in landfills.

Buy Products in Bulk

Items like food and litter can be purchased in large quantities. Buying them this way reduces packaging waste and saves you trips to the store. Obviously, these items are also usually heavy, so they’re best bought online. They’ll be delivered to your door, so you don’t even have to lug them through the store.

Make Your Own Treats

Animal treats tend to come in small amounts and packaged in plastic, leading to a lot of plastic waste. Many pet treats can be made with simple ingredients that you may already keep around. So, making them yourself cuts down on all of that packaging.

Plus, you’ll know exactly what you’re putting into your pet’s body.

Purchase from “Green” Companies

There are some companies making the effort to provide pet supplies that have environmentally-friendly products and packaging. These products can be purchased online, but they’re also making their way into stores. These companies make everything from collars to food to toys, giving the pet owner more options than ever before to include their pet in their decision to live more sustainably.

Making choices to live “green” is an everyday activity, and it can be especially difficult if you feel like you don’t have access to products that can help you on your go green journey. The pet supply industry is definitely behind, but it’s catching up.

For more information on how to incorporate sustainability in all aspects of your life, contact us. We are happy to help you on your journey!

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