Keep Your Kitchen Green & Clean

Green living can be incorporated into your daily routine easily! These eco-friendly adjustments are very minute but have a great impact on day to day apartment maintenance. In support of green living, we have listed below three tips you can implement in your kitchen right now.

Tip #1: Make Your Groceries Last

Food waste is a huge deal in America, and one way to combat that is to make sure you properly store your produce. Always have some butcher paper on hand. If you don’t use all of your produce while preparing a meal (such as cheese), feel free to wrap the rest of it in wax paper or butcher paper before placing it back in the plastic packaging.

Tip #2: Use Natural Ingredients To Keep Smells Away

Your kitchen is often ground zero for unpleasant smells. If something went bad in your fridge, or you let the dishes sit in the sink for too long, a good way to neutralize the odor is to pop open a box of baking soda. If you don’t have any baking soda, though, a small bowl of salt will have a similar effect. And if you really find yourself combating bad odors, leave some coffee in a bowl. It will suck up any unwanted odors, and leave your place smelling fresh… and like it needs some cream and sugar.

Tip #3: Go Small, Whenever Possible

We don’t usually think about how much energy our kitchen uses, but if we can make a meal with less energy, we can have some big savings. Do you need to turn on the stove top, or can you just pop your dish in the microwave? Do you need to use the full-size oven, or will a toaster oven get the job done? Less heat generated means less air conditioning, and less energy spent overall.

For more great ways to increase your green efforts at home, simply contact us today!

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