Sustainable Living in the Kitchen

Going Green Room-By-Room: Sustainable Living in the Kitchen

Sustainable living in the kitchen is on the minds of many. Many people are making efforts to reduce the amount of waste they produce and the energy they use. However, it can seem daunting or overwhelming to not know how to start or where to improve. Taking the process one room at a time can give you direction and keep you progressing toward a more sustainable lifestyle.

The kitchen is the hub of waste. Almost all household waste is disposed of in the kitchen. From food waste to single-use items to using appliances, the kitchen certainly has the most room for improvement when it comes to green living.

Paper Products

Napkins and paper towels are single-use items that could easily be replaced by cloth products. Cloth napkins can be bought at most stores, and they can be washed and reused.

They could also perform the job of paper towels as well, or you can purchase these from Bambooee, a company that also plants a tree for every roll they sell.

Proper Disposal

Recycle all items you know your municipality accepts. For the rest, find a local recycling center and find out what they take. Set up a home recycling center (as simple as a shoe rack with small bins) so you can round up those items and transport them to the recycling center when you have a good haul. Many centers take all kinds of plastics, snack packages, batteries, and even shoes.

Composting is also a great way to get rid of food waste, and it doesn’t have to be hard. This website has a lot of great information to get you started.

Food Storage and Single Use Plastic

Most food storage containers found in homes are plastic. Glass and cloth alternatives are becoming more popular and are better for the environment. Further, glass food containers can be purchased at any department store.

Cloth food wraps infused with wax can be bought online and used to wrap food or cover bowls. They’re also washable, reusable, and usually compostable.


Plastic or silicone cooking utensils tend to be the standard found in kitchens. However, bamboo utensils are a great alternative. They’re long-lasting, reasonably priced, and best of all, sustainable. Plus, they look great on any countertop!

Just because the kitchen is the hub of the household waste doesn’t mean we need to be wasteful. Keep small appliances unplugged when not in use, use items until they’re worn out, and make some of these changes to live a more sustainable life.

Learn More About Sustainable Living in the Kitchen

If you have any questions about our properties or living your greenest life, contact us today. Indeed, we’re happy to share tips on sustainable living in the kitchen and other rooms in your apartment home!

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