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Green Living: Using Plants to Freshen the Air

One of the more aggravating problems people face is how to keep the indoor air fresh and clean. Vacuuming and keeping the climate control system serviced can help cut down on the amount of dust and pollen in the air. However, many resort to air fresheners and sprays to keep the inside air smelling fresh and scented.

However, these products tend to hide sources of odor such as benzene, ammonia, and formaldehyde, which can have health consequences.

The NASA Study

As it turns out, NASA conducted a 1989 study of how common houseplants can help absorb common organic chemicals from the air. The space agency is interested in keeping the air on space stations, lunar bases, and spacecraft on long-duration trips fresh and clean, the better to maintain the health of astronauts.

The study concluded that a number of household plants are great for absorbing chemicals and are environmentally friendly towards maintaining healthy air. This includes inside the International Space Station or your home.

Beyond using plants to freshen the air, plants absorb CO2 and emit oxygen.

Houseplants are Your Natural Solution

So, instead of breaking out the air fresheners, start adding houseplants to clean the inside air of your house. Choose plants that absorb the widest variety of organic chemicals possible. Make sure that you use the proper lighting and watering. Place at least one plant in each room of the house for maximum coverage.

Warnings About the Plants

Some of the plants listed can be toxic to household pets such as dogs and cats. Therefore, special care should be taken in that regard. Also, make sure that the plants are protected against common pests. Use a natural, environmentally friendly, pesticide or repellent.

So, use plants to freshen the air and also add decor to your home. For more information on living in an eco-friendly home contact us.

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