Go Green: Easy Tips to an Eco Friendly Lifestyle

Living a green lifestyle can seem intimidating at first glance, especially when you look at extreme examples. However, like any other lifestyle change you make, it’s a good idea to start being green in smaller ways first. If you want to start making a difference today, here are some easy ways you can be an everyday environmentalist.

Green Living Tips

Tip #1: Cut Out Your Cleaning Chemicals

Buying a bottle of noxious chemicals to wipe down your counters is standard operating procedure for a lot of us, but you can actually get your home clean for less if you invest in some materials from the cooking aisle. Putting 50 percent white vinegar, and 50 percent water into a spray bottle makes for a great glass and surface cleaner, and it can also eliminate smelly odors right out of a room. Taking half a lemon and dipping it in baking soda is a great way to clean up and shine your kitchen sink, and lemon juice in a small bowl can deodorize small spaces quickly and cheaply.

Tip #2: Keep Your Fridge Full

Your refrigerator is running all day, every day. However, if your fridge and freezer are full of stuff, it actually doesn’t have to work as hard to maintain a cool temperature. For those who want to use less power, and keep plenty of fresh food on hand, shop and stock with this in mind.

Tip #3: Smaller Electronics, A Lot Less Waste

While upgrading your electronics might be expensive, it’s also a way for you to be more environmentally friendly. Laptops and tablets use significantly less power than a TV or a desktop machine, which means your power bill goes down, and so does the amount of carbon you’re helping generate. Unplugging your chargers from the wall sockets is also a great way to avoid what’s called “vampire energy”.

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