3 Little Habits That Make A Big Difference

We all want to live greener, more environmentally friendly lives. But, at the same time, we don’t necessarily want to change the lives we have. It’s kind of like how we all want to get in really good shape, but we don’t want to give up pizza to do it. Just like dieting, though, small changes can have a big impact on how green your life is. You don’t need to install solar panels on your roof or stick a windmill on your balcony. Instead, you can just adopt these three, simple habits.

Habit #1: Timers

We all know that when we walk out of a room, we should turn off the lights. But what about all the other things we leave on all night? From our porch lights to our microwaves, there are devices sucking electricity like little vampires. Putting your devices on a timer regulates the energy you use and it ensures you aren’t wasting power. Whether it’s a timer on your thermostat so that you aren’t heating or cooling your place while you’re at work or a timer on your lights so that they’re always out by your bed time, it’s surprising how much power you can cut down on with a little forethought.

Habit #2: Stop Using Disposable Stuff

There’s no denying how convenient paper plates, napkins, and other disposable items are. Unfortunately, they are a massive waste of space in landfills. Cloth napkins and ceramic plates may take a little extra work to wash, but they’re a lot more environmentally friendly. And even better, they’ll save you money in the long-run. Any time you use something disposable, whether it’s plastic shopping bags or facial tissues, ask if there’s a more permanent solution you could use instead.

Habit #3: Stop Buying Bottled Water

Bottled water is one of those things that seems ridiculous… because it is. Keep a pitcher of water in your fridge and if you’re going out somewhere, bring a steel water bottle with you. The water you have at home is no worse than bottled water, especially if you have a filter on your faucet. You save money, cut down on waste, and stay hydrated.

For more simple green living habits that will reduce your waste and your impact on the environment, simply contact us today!

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